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Winter Kickball Sundays in Virginia Beach *Draft Option*  Kickball · Co-Ed Virginia Beach

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Winter 2024
Jan 14 ’24
Feb 25 ’24
Registration Dates:
Oct 20 ’23 – Dec 1 ’23 early bird
Dec 2 ’23 – Jan 11 ’24 regular
Jan 12 ’24 – Jan 12 ’24 late
The Casual Pint
Minimum age:
21 years old
Age as of:
Jan 14 ’24
MonTueWedThuFriSatSun 12:00pm to 3:00pm

Express League, Draft Option

Free Agent Fees
Early Bird $49.95
Regular $59.95
Late $69.95

If you want to meet new people, make connections, and have fun while staying active, CLUBWAKA Kickball is the perfect opportunity. Whether you're new to town, looking for love, or want to network professionally, this social sports league has something for everyone. With coed teams, theme nights, and planned parties, you'll have plenty of chances to socialize with your teammates and other players. And after the games, you can head to the designated sponsor bar for even more fun and camaraderie. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to meet new friends and make lasting memories.

  • There will be a minimum of 6 games for every team. However, we will fit as many games into the schedule as we can once teams are registered.
  • The coolest part of the league is the draft. Each player who enters the league as a free agent will be selected by a captain at our live draft! For more info on how the draft works, please see "About The Draft".
  • After the games, CLUBWAKA Kickballers will enjoy specials at our sponsor - The Casual Pint! CLUBWAKA members will receive 10% off their total tab each week plus additional food specials. 
  • SIGN UP EARLY AND SAVE: Many CLUBWAKA Kickball Leagues offer tiered pricing, meaning the earlier you sign up, the more you can save! So what are you waiting for? Register today and buy yourself a beer or two with the savings!
  • No team? No Problem! With CLUBWAKA, you don't need to round up a full team to join the fun. CLUBWAKA accepts free agents and small groups and we'll match you up with a team that fits your competitive and social preferences!

Here is how the draft selection process will work:

  • Everyone who wishes to participate in the draft will sign up as a free agent. That’s it, no other work needed; you will automatically be entered into the draft and selected on draft day!
  • A CLUBWAKA representative will e-mail you a brief web survey to gather some information from you prior to the draft. This information will be included in a packet provided to the captains prior to the draft.
  • Captains will consist of one male and one female per team. Players interested in being a captain will be placed in a queue once both participants are registered for the season. Once enough players sign up to form the next team, the next set of captains in the queue will be announced.
  • NOTE: To be eligible to captain a team, both captains MUST be available to attend the live draft Party/Meet & Greet in order to select your team.
  • Captains will select their team color once they have been designated as captains. A team name must be decided upon prior to the draft.
  • The captains will take turns selecting their teams from the available player pool at the live draft.
  • The draft order will be by the League & Social Manager and 'snake' in order, with the order reversing every other round.


Q: Do I have to be a part of the draft to play this season?
A: No. Participation in the draft is encouraged, but not mandatory. If you would rather start a friend group and play with a team, you are welcome to do so! NOTE: While non-draft teams may play against draft teams in the regular season, non-draft teams will not be paired against draft teams during the "bowl" games/playoffs on the final week. Final “bowl” games/playoff format will be determined by the total number of teams in the league.

Q: Is trading allowed after the draft?
A: No.

Q: I want to play with my significant other/friend. Can we be drafted together as a "package deal"?
A: Drafting groups of players quickly gets complicated and can cause an imbalance in the draft and affect roster sizes. However, if you have a preference to play with a particular person, please mention it in the preseason web survey (and to your CLUBWAKA representative). Although we cannot guarantee that you will end up on the same team, we will try our best to make it happen. In almost all cases, we have been able to accommodate couples who wish to play together.


* Schedule subject to change. While we do our best to predict the number of players that will sign up, the final number of teams may affect the schedule. In the event of canceled games due to weather or facility issues, games will be made up as the schedule allows and/or the season may be extended.


While each CLUBWAKA registration still includes our classic t-shirt, we know some of you love to add a dash of pizzazz to your game-day attire! For those teams ready to level up their look, Coastal Outerwear is here to transform your vision into reality with premium, custom-made jerseys, shorts, jackets, leggings, and more!

🎨 Quality and creativity are at the heart of what Coastal Outerwear offers. They're not just any supplier; they're a local small business right here in our community, dedicated to delivering professional-grade gear. Their talented graphic designers are ready to bring your unique concepts to life, ensuring your team stands out on the field in style.

Getting started is a breeze:
1️⃣ Head over to Cornhole Coastal and submit your ideas.
2️⃣ Let their artists work their magic and wait for your custom art proof.
3️⃣ Once you're thrilled with the design, simply submit your team order form!

📧 Questions? Ideas? Just want to chat about your dream jersey? Drop a line at and they’ll be more than happy to assist!

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